Our History

Physician Specialists in Anesthesia was founded in 1979 by Dr. Stan Mogelnicki and Dr. Donn Chambers when Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta moved from its historic site in downtown Atlanta to the new location in suburban northern Atlanta. Drs. Mogelnicki and Chambers assembled a small group of talented cardiovascular anesthesiologists which became the nucleus of the present-day group.

PSA has enjoyed a steady increase in the size and diversity of its physician staff. Owing to its primary practice location at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital, the group maintains as its primary areas of expertise the fields of cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia with emphasis on invasive hemodynamic monitoring and perioperative echocardiography. Other areas of special expertise include critical care medicine, regional anesthesia, acute pain management, and anesthesia for specialty surgery (general, orthopaedic, plastic surgery, surgical oncology, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, and geriatric).

We have broadened our expertise over the past four decades to include outpatient anesthesia and the management of ambulatory surgery center anesthesia departments. Through the use of optimum staffing models, continuous quality improvement, best practices, and a strong cost containment culture, PSA has helped organizations provide the highest quality ambulatory surgical product, while being fiscally responsible.

Our Values

Physician Specialists in Anesthesia, P.C. is dedicated to the health and well being of our patients, and to delivering the highest level of expertise to the physicians and health care facilities we serve.

Following are our core values:
- PSA will strive to provide and maintain quality, cost-effective and competitive anesthesia services to the community.
- PSA will promote honesty, loyalty and commitment from its membership to further the primary purpose of the organization.
- PSA will provide an environment that encourages education of all its members in anesthesiology.
- PSA will enhance leadership in the community and the profession.
- PSA will enable good working relationships with hospital administrators to enhance quality anesthesiology services.

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A Message From Our Director

Welcome to the website of Physician Specialists in Anesthesia, based on the campus of Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta. I am proud and honored to serve in a leadership role for this extraordinary organization dedicated to providing high-quality anesthesiology, acute pain management, critical care, and perioperative services.

PSA's vision is strong and clear. We will continue to be the leading provider of adult anesthesiology services within the Atlanta healthcare community. To do so, we must maintain our priorities: the recruitment of highly capable physician and anesthetist employees, the promotion of education and achievement for our staff, and maintaining excellent service to our surgical colleagues. Most importantly, we will nurture a culture within our organization that assures exemplary service and safe care for our patients.

Like every other successful organization, education and communication will be critical components for us to accomplish our vision and to meet our goals. This website is a work in progress. It will ultimately serve both our customers and our employees as a valuable tool to enhance our ability to effectively educate and communicate. It is my hope that our patients will utilize our website to acquaint themselves with their anesthesia providers and to acquire more knowledge about the entire process of anesthesia. In this way, they will become more informed healthcare consumers. Eventually, this website will provide a vehicle for our patients to communicate with us prior to their scheduled procedure. This will ensure that we are aware of all important information that we need in order to safely care for the patient. It will also allow all of the patient’s concerns to be addressed prior to surgery.

One of the unfortunate disadvantages of a career in anesthesiology is that the physician-patient interaction is often brief. We are usually not privileged to follow patients beyond a day or two after surgery. It is my sincere hope that this website provides effective information in order to provide feedback to us, your Anesthesiologist or pain management physician. This may provide us with important performance-based outcome data. It is only with such feedback that we can identify our strengths and weakness, address our failures, and realize our potential and our vision.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Please let us hear from you.

Steven L. Sween, M.D.
Chairman of Anesthesia and Medical Director
Physician Specialists in Anesthesia, P.C.

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Compliance Statement

Physician Specialists in Anesthesia, P.C. is committed to compliance with health care law. To that end, PSA has enacted a compliance program to ensure that our company complies with all applicable federal, state and third-party payor laws, rules, regulations and policies.

Anonymous compliance reporting form for questions/concerns/complaints: https://forms.gle/wQXUrPX8tahEPrMi9

Direct questions regarding PSA's compliance program to:

PSA Compliance Officers:
- Dr. Steven Sween
- Dr. John Stephenson

PSA Practice Administrator:
- Lynn Epps

Physician Specialists in Anesthesia, P.C.
5671 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Suite 530
Atlanta, GA 30342

Email: compliance@psa-online.net
Phone: 404-257-1415
Fax: 404-851-1649


Privacy Statement

Physician Specialists in Anesthesia, P.C. is committed to compliance with health care law. To that end, PSA has enacted a compliance program to ensure that our company complies with all applicable federal, state and third-party payor laws, rules, regulations and policies.

Physician Specialists in Anesthesia, P.C. is committed to compliance with health care law. To that end, PSA has enacted a compliance program to ensure that our company complies with all applicable federal, state and third-party payor laws, rules, regulations and policies.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

No Surprises Billing Disclosure

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PSA Support Of The Mercy Care Foundation
For the 31st year running, PSA sponsored the Mercy Care Foundation at its annual Wings of Mercy Ball. This most recent year’s fundraising efforts were in support of the Mercy Care’s dental clinic, which provides preventative and restorative oral and dental services to patients in the greater metro Atlanta area.

In its Thanksgiving 2020 campaign, PSA raised $29,500 for Mercy Care’s Street Medicine program which provides mobile primary care and behavioral health services to Atlanta’s most critically underserved homeless communities. In all, PSA has contributed over half a million dollars to Mercy Care over the past three decades, and is proud to designate Mercy Care as the official charity organization of the group. More information about Mercy Care can be found at www.mercyatlanta.org

PSA Turns Out to Support Mercy Care in the 2019 Emory Saint Joseph’s Run for Mercy 5k
Run/Walk On Saturday, March 23, 2019, the annual Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital Run for Mercy 5k had over 500 participants, including many PSA employees. The event raised over $70,000 for Mercy Care.

Race results are posted here: https://resultscui.active.com/events/ESJHRunforMercy5K

Anesthetist Jimmy Lunsford (PA-C, CAA) Selected To Serve In The GA-3 Disaster Medical Assistance Team 
PSA Associate Chief Anesthetist Jimmy Lunsford has been selected to serve as a Physician Assistant with the GA-3 DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team). Involvement with DMAT is something Jimmy has been working towards since 2005, after seeing first-hand the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and volunteering in Slidel and New Orleans with interior demolition of flood ravaged homes and a church. "During disasters and emergencies – and even during large-scale national security events - the need for medical care can quickly overwhelm the system. NDMS Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs) may be deployed to get people the medical care they need when seconds count." More  information can be found at: www.phe.gov/Preparedness/responders/ndms/ndms-teams/Pages/dmat.aspx

Jimmy is currently the only PA in the Emory Healthcare system serving on a Georgia DMAT. PSA is very proud of Jimmy’s amazing work, serving not only our patients, but the larger Georgia community.

Dr. Steven Sween Serves as President of the American Society of Anesthesiologists Charitable Foundation
American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) members have a long history of contributing to those in need. Countless members volunteer their professional skills in the far corners of the world. In the midst of unspeakable disaster, anesthesiologists respond generously with time and money to support those in need.

For decades, the ASA has supported anesthesia education in remote facilities in Africa through the Overseas Teaching Program. When Hurricane Katrina disrupted medical care and anesthesia education here at home, ASA members contributed to the support of anesthesia trainees urgently relocated to continue their education.

The earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 produced an outpouring of volunteer anesthesiologists participating in the disaster relief efforts there. Later that year, ASA members began a partnership with Hope for the Warriors to raise funds to aid military families coping with casualties of war. American anesthesiologists have contributed hundreds of pulse oximeters to the developing world through the Lifebox initiative and will lead the effort to introduce oximetry and safe surgery practices in Central America.

As President of the ASA Charitable Foundation, Dr Sween is responsible for oversight and coordination of these worthy relief and philanthropic efforts. More information about the ASA Charitable Foundation can be found at www.asacharity.org

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